Vehicle Ferry

Stradbroke Island Holidays book for both the Minjerribah and Big Red Cat vehicle ferries. The Big Red Cat and Minjerribah are both fully air-conditioned and have a licensed cafe on board.

Hire cars
If you are hiring a car on the mainland and plan to take it to North Stradbroke Island, please ensure that you check out the insurance conditions with the hire company.

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Vehicle ferry timetable

Monday to Friday Saturdays Sunday & Public Holidays
Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich Departs Cleveland Departs Dunwich
5:30am (M) 6:30am (M) 5:30am (M) 6:30am (M) 5:30am (M) 6:30am (M)
7:00am (BRC) 8:00am (BRC) 7:00am (BRC) 8:00am (BRC) 7:00am (BRC) 8:00am (BRC)
8:00am (M) 9:00am (M) 8:00am (M) 9:00am (M) 8:00am (M) 9:00am (M)
9:00am (BRC) 10:00am (BRC) 9:00am (BRC) 10:00am (BRC) 9:00am (BRC) 10:00am (BRC)
10:00am (M) 11:00am (M) 10:00am (M) 11:00am (M) 10:00am (M) 11:00am (M)
11:00am (BRC) 12:00pm (BRC) 11:00am (BRC) 12:00pm (BRC) 11:00am (BRC) 12:00pm (BRC)
12:00pm (M) 1:00pm (M) 12:00pm (M) 1:00pm (M) 12:00pm (M) 1:00pm (M)
1:00pm (BRC) 2:00pm (BRC) 1:00pm (BRC) 2:00pm (BRC) 1:00pm (BRC) 2:00pm (BRC)
2:00pm (M) 3:00pm (M) 2:00pm (M) 3:00pm (M) 2:00pm (M) 3:00pm (M)
3:00pm (BRC) 4:00pm (BRC) 3:00pm (BRC) 4:00pm (BRC) 3:00pm (BRC) 4:00pm (BRC)
4:00pm (M) 5:00pm (M) 4:00pm (M) 5:00pm (M) 4:00pm (M) 5:00pm (M)
5:00pm (BRC) 6:00pm (BRC) 5:00pm (BRC) 6:00pm (BRC) 5:00pm (BRC) 6:00pm (BRC)
Friday & Sunday (as above + extra trip) 
6:00pm (M) 7:00pm (M)      
7:00pm (BRC) 7:45pm (BRC)      
Friday only (as above + extra trip) 
8:00pm (M) 9:00pm (M)      
Timetable subject to alteration (M) = Minjerribah (BRC) = Big Red Cat
Vehicular Ferry Prices
Standard car or 4wd (up to 5.5m in length), including passengers $55.00 - $95.00 each way
Special group rates Subject to request
Trailers (per metre, measured from tow ball to end) $11.00 - $19.00 each way per metre
Motorbikes, with pillion passenger $27.00 each way
Mini Buses + Coaches Price on Application
Adult walk on return $10.00
Child walk on return $5.00

(Prices are subject to change)

Vehicle Ferry, Water Taxi & Bus timetable

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